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Information for Parents

Parent Involvement

The Cricket School program is designed for parents to get involved and spend some quality time with their child learning the skills of cricket.  Parent involvement is a huge determinant of participant enjoyment, skill progression and achievement.  The ‘Crew’ has been developed to provide clarity and options for parents and volunteers to get involved. 

The Crew allows participating childen to play in small groups or squads, and gives kids the opportunity to play with their parents.  There are three distinct roles in the Crew: the Coordinator, the Captains and the Helpers. 



The Coordinator

The Coordinator is an activator from the Stockholm Cricket Club. They manage the program administration, liaise with the local cricket club, and organize the Groups or Squads, Captains & Crew.

They are responsible for communicating the program information and coordinate session set up and equipment. 


The Captains 

The Captains can be a parent or coach from the Stockholm Cricket Club.  They manage their group or squad and facilitate activities and games. They encourage crew participation and assist Coordinator.


The Helpers

The Crew are volunteers or parents,  and there are as many as possiblem. The Crew help as little or as much as they would like.  They are innvolved in partner activities and parent vs participant activities


During the participant registration, parents are asked which role they are interested in taking on. This information is available to the Blast Coordinator who develops the Blast Crew.




Play cricket at home too

We at the Stockholm Cricket Club encourage each and every child and parent to continue learning and playing cricket at home. This can be in your garden, in the park, on the beach, anywhere – all you need is a bat and ball.


If you have never played cricket then some tips from us to try with your child are:


  • You don’t need to know the rules, make up your own
  • If your child is a beginner, use a big ball so they enjoy hitting and catching the ball
  • Cricket can be broken down into skills like catching practice
  • Throw the ball under arm and slowly
  • Remember to have fun!
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